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About Us

About Draognhawk Tattoo Supply

Commitment to our clients. Passion for body art.

Founded in 2001, Dragonhawk began with the goal to provide the widest variety of tattoo supplies, piercing supplies in the world. Since then, the Dragonhawk brand and vision has expanded and come to fruition.

Processing your requests, filling your orders, and bringing them to your door on time.

All of Dragonhawkoutlet products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Our main products are tattoo needles, tattoo machines, and tattoo parts such as tips, grips, tubes, and so on

In order to support this industry that we love, Dragonhawkoutlet is one hundred percent devoted to providing optimal customer service. Our warehouse in Shijiazhuang, Hebei is stocked and updated regularly to make sure we have the latest and greatest supplies for our valued customers. We are committed to ensuring every order is processed and filled accurately, packaged with care, and ready for pick-up or delivery.

The tattoo and body art industry is one full of inspiration, passion, and artistic expression. We are enthusiastic about being a prime member of such an exciting community. As we grow, we never wane in our mission to provide the widest selection of premium tattoo and piercing supplies available, as well as the best customer service for our valued clients.

About Our Company

Shenzhen Xinxin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.  . Our company is the authorized distributor of the brand Dragonhawk tattoo supply, and the products we sell are directly supplied by the manufacturer


Baimenqian Industrial Zone, Busha Road, Nanwan Street, Longgang District
Shenzhen, Guangdong
518114, China (Not for return)